Bam Bam Bakery offers gluten-free baked goods for the discerning palate. All of our goods are made from scratch, gluten-free, and we think you will find they taste better than their conventional counterparts. Our favorite treats are always available, but we are constantly dreaming up new delights, so our menu changes with some frequency. Let us know which goodies are your favorites.

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We have an abundance of items made fresh for you every day. We offer an assortment of items that are dairy free, vegan, soy free or nut free, and we are sure that you will be able to find something to satisfy that craving you’re having.

You can take your morning coffee, muffin or lunch to go, or stay for a while and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the café and watch the action on Commercial street. If you are having an event or just a really big craving let us help you by placing a special order. This way you can get just the right thing at just the right time. We need 48 to prepare it for you so that it is as fresh as possible. For special orders, please give us a call. 207-899-4100.

For lunch we have vegetarian or meat pizza by the slice, meat or vegetarian soups, a variety of single serve items such as Shepherd’s pie (dairy free), Tamale Pie (vegan), Lasagna (meat or veggie), baked Mac & Cheese and chicken potpies. Lunch items change everyday and there is always something tasty to choose from.

Why Gluten-free? Glutens are common in many of the foods we eat and affect everyone differently. People with Celiac disease cannot eat glutens at all, while others find that glutens make them feel less than awesome. We decided to do something about that. Using select ingredients, we've removed the gluten and created some of the most delicious treats that still have that taste and texture that you have always loved.

Who eats Gluten-free goodies? Why, everyone, of course! Some people need gluten-free food, but anyone can enjoy the benefits of our goods. Try our cupcakes, sample our cinnamon buns, toast our breads, delve into our pies and definitely don't skip our cakes. It's all gluten-free and we think you will love it!


A good loaf of gluten free bread is a hard thing to find, but we think we’ve mastered it. Our loaves are soft, dense, delicious and freeze well… if you are able to refrain from eating the whole loaf at once.


Let us help plan your big day! Do you have allergies? We can make a cake that works around your dietary needs and tastes great! Your guests will never know its gluten free.


Our pie crust is gluten and dairy free. Made with a combination of rice flours it offers a delightfully flaky crust. Your choice of filings can make it a great treat for your family or a superb gift at your next dinner party.


Our cakes & cupcakes are so light and delicious, you’d never guess they are gluten-free. Made with a fine blend of rice, tapioca, and sorghum flours, now you can enjoy those special treats you thought you’d never have again!